1982-1990 in Sapphire

Sapphire Valley 1982-1990

sapphire valley golf ski resort highlands cashiersFairfield Communities based in Little Rock, Arkansas, bought Sapphire Valley including the golf course, Fairfield Inn, and surrounding property accounting for approximately 5300 acres.

Fairfield Communities built a 2nd resort golf course known today as Sapphire National Golf Club. This was also the era of timeshare expansion and Sapphire Valley did not escape this phenomenon. Fairway Forest, Fox Hunt and Mountain Laurel developments were created.  Theoretically a very good vacation concept, timeshare developers’ lack of resell control fueled the glut in timeshare weeks.

The Holly Forest residential areas were expanded to more than a 12 areas located all around Sapphire Valley. Dozens and dozens of homes were built over the coming years as many more families found the area a great place to visit or retire.

Although the Fairfield Inn was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, the Inn was 'threatened by structural integrity' in 1986 and was razed.

Unfortunately, in this writer’s humble opinion, the greed of Fairfield Communities and their rapid expansion and the desire to place a more modern hotel and cottage complex on the property influenced the decision to tear the Inn down.

Fairfield Communities in a timely twist of fate, experienced financial troubles and filed for bankruptcy soon and the Inn was never rebuilt.

The image is the Fairfield Sunburst Logo used during the 1980's.