Sapphire Valley Jams Jellies FAQ's

Do you know the difference between Jams, Jellies and Preserves??

What is a Jelly?
Jelly is made from the finest fruit juices, and contains no pieces of fruit. Jellies maintain a consistent texture and see through appearance. Jellies are easy to spread and have a smooth even texture.

What is a Jam?
Jam is made from the whole fruit either cooked until the fruit starts to soften and break down to small pieces, crushed, or pureed to provide a thick, textured spread with the best flavor from the fruit. Because jams include the whole fruit, it will have a delicious, stronger flavor than the Jelly.

What is a Preserve?
Preserves are made from whole pieces or large chunks of fruit and are cooked to the point where the fruit is suspended. The texture of a preserve tends to be chunkier than a jam with larger chunks of the fruit pieces preserved.

What is Pepper Jelly, Jams, or Preserves?
Pepper Jelly is made out of a variety of peppers and fruits to make hot, sweet, savory combinations. The peppers vary in heat level from green and red bell peppers, Jalapeno’s, and Habanero’s. The Pepper and fruit combinations are made into varies textures including Jelly, Jams, and Preserves.