Fairfield Inn 1896

Sapphire Valley's Fairfield Inn

These images from an original circa 1986 brochure shows how majestic the Fairfield Inn truly was.

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The first section reads:

"In the midst of a glorious mountainous region stands Fairfield Inn, on a hard surfaced road seventy miles northwest of Asheville, North Carolina known as Route 64.

This Inn is in the heart of the sapphire country, beautified with numerous waterfalls, excess vegetation, with many varieties of wild flowers, that make these mountains the most picturesque in the world, and geologist will tell you - the oldest.sapphire valley resort cashiers highlands

Twenty miles of mountain streams in an estate of twenty thousand acres belong to the Inn and furnish an abundance of good trout fishing.

The Inn itself faces Fairfield Lake, around the edges of which grow flowering water lilies, which makes ti a most beautiful spot, where you may enjoy rowing, black bass fishing and swimming in water that is clear, clean and invigorating."

Fairfield Lake

Although the Inn is no longer there, Fairfield Lake is and still provides for swimming, boating, fishing and relaxing.

The property around the Lake is now owned my Camp Merrie Woode and its' conservancy - forever protecting the beauty of this special place.