Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

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Sapphire Valley and Lake Toxaway

In 1902 the first artificial lake was created in the Appalachian Mountains in N.C. state. This pristine body of water known as Lake Toxaway served as nature’s focal point for the lavishly appointed Toxaway Inn.

Fairfield Lake and the Fairfield Inn were built in Sapphire Valley at the same time.

Pittsburgh entrepreneur and visionary Mr. E. H. Jennings carved this resort community and lake out of a 3,010 feet rugged mountain.

Today, beautiful Lake Toxaway remains a social and recreational gathering place for residents and visitors alike with the beautiful Lake Toxaway golf course resort and the Historic Greystone Inn and Resort, which has a gourmet restaurant Drawn by breathtaking mountain vistas and crystal clear waters, Lake Toxaway is the largest privately owned lake in North Carolina.

This photo of Lake Toxaway is courtesy of TripAdvisor