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Sapphire Valley North Carolina

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The Narrows

The beautiful Narrows waterfall is located on the Horsepasture River in Sapphire Valley. Enjoy the scenic trails that lead you to different sections of the river! Click here for more images!

Dry Falls

Dry Falls is in the Nantahala National Forest. You can see it from the road and no, it's not dry! There is an old log shelter at the trail-head. A lot of water pours over this wide waterfall. There is a well maintained path that leads a short distance down from the parking area. The path doesn't end at the falls but travels under the falls. It's a breath taking experience to stand under the falls and watch millions of gallons of clear mountain water pour over your head and before your eyes at a height of 75 ft. Directions: On U.S. 64/28 four miles from Highlands.

Frolictown Falls
Panthertown Cashiers

Frolictown Falls is a small but nice waterfall in Panthertown Valley. Hiking in this area, you really get the feel of being in the woods. There are no panoramas from this thickly vegetated valley floor. Be sure to get a map of Panthertown Valley or find someone to lead you, as the trails can be tricky
(Credit GoCashiers)

Glen Falls

Glen Falls is a must see...This is one of my favorites and probably one of the most beautiful waterfall setting in the Highlands area! It's a great hike and I always like to take a back pack with sandwiches and snacks!
Glen Falls is on the east fork of Overflow Creek in the scenic Blue Valley area in Nantahala National Forest. The hike is down hill from the parking lot, so it's quite a climb to return. There are quite a few switchbacks, so the climb is not too steep. As you descend, you will reach a beautiful view from the top of Glen Falls .Continue down hill to the upper section of the waterfall, dropping about 70 feet. There is plenty of room to rest and relax on the rocks at the base of the falls and maybe have a picnic. Continue about 1/3 mile to the middle section (photo at top) of the falls that drop 60 feet, with water stair-stepping down a wide rock face.
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Bust Your Butt Falls / Quarry Falls

A popular swimming and sliding area along U.S. Highway 64 is Bust Your Butt Falls (also known as Quarry Falls or Bust-Yer-Butt Falls). For added excitement, there is a "jump off" rock for diving into the chilly waters. It's six miles west of Highlands on U.S. 64 (about 3 miles from Dry Falls). (Courtesy Romantic Asheville) 

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There are nearly 200 waterfalls in the Western North Carolina area and this area is  known as the "Land of Waterfalls", which includes the Cashiers-Highlands area.

It is famous not only for the many waterfalls, but also the trout streams. 

Our Waterfalls page is under development - our goal is to make it the most complete list of waterfalls near Cashiers and Sapphire Valley along with videos of the falls! 


of the High South

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfall settings in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This 150-foot tall waterfall is impressive, especially after rainy weather that swells the Horsepasture River, its source. The best feature of Rainbow Falls is the ability for visitors to experience the falls from the front, bottom, side, and top! (courtesy Romantic Asheville)

Silver Run Falls

Just moments from Sapphire, a few miles South on 107. A short and enjoyable hike, where you even get to cross a tree fallen across the creek

Sliding Rock Falls 

is a natural water slide, created by the Chattooga River gliding over a 10-foot high rock face with a few large potholes. It's a popular local spot during the summer because the water is quite cool. You can slide down the rock, cannonball into one of the potholes or just wade in the pool below the rock.

Turtleback Falls

a 20-foot drop over a curved rock face into a pool that can have strong currents. At lower water levels, it's a popular spot to go sliding and swimming. You should be a good swimmer, since there are no lifeguards. The rocks and currents can make it dangerous if inexperienced. Do not attempt to slide when water is high, since the rushing water can take you down river over Rainbow Falls. There are several great vantage points to enjoy the falls - and the people sliding. (courtesy Romantic Asheville)
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Whitewater Falls
Cashiers, NC

These falls are awesome! This is the highest set of falls east of the Rocky Mountains having a total drop of almost 700 feet. Upper Whitewater Falls plunge an amazing 411 feet! South Carolina's Lower Whitewater Falls drops another 400 feet. In the cool, moist shade of steep slopes and rock cliffs, wildflowers and salamanders are plentiful. Also enjoy the beauty of berries and blooms throughout the seasons.

Cullasaja Falls  
Franklin/Highlands NC

Big falls at 250ft and considered to be one of the most picturesque falls in Western North Carolina. This fall is the first seen from U.S. 64/28. The falls are spectacular yes, and this wavy strip of U.S 64/28 is a paved marvel of highway. A real hang onto your hat kind of road but well worth the drive. Directions: Located on U.S. 64/28 between Highlands and Franklin

Lower Cullasaja Falls
The lower portion of Cullasaja Falls is a cascade of water which flows about 250 ft down. It is located on the Cullasaja River at the lower part of the Cullasaja Gorge. It is part of the Mountain Water Scenic Byway. Cullasaja Falls is only visible from your car; there is no adequate pull-off from the road. Directions: Cullasaja is located off U.S. 64, 11 miles east of Franklin, 9 miles west of Highlands in the Cullasaja Gorge..

Bridal Veil Falls
Franklin/Highlands NC

Bridal Veil Falls is a fun walk to the 120-foot waterfall, which is located about 2.5 miles west of Highlands on Hwy 64. It is on a tributary of the Cullasaja River. There is a little loop off the highway so you can drive right under the falls, but will sneak up on you. If you miss it, pull off after the waterfall in the wide area on the right and park or circle back around. 

Bull Pen Falls

Bull Pen is as much rapid as waterfall. While not the most dramatic falls in the area, this is a great place to hang out for a while and explore the Chattooga River Trail. (Credit GoCashiers) However, white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking is prohibited on this section of the Chattooga. The falls can be easily viewed at the bridge, or you can take a short trail just past the west side of the bridge to the top of the cascade. At the bottom of the cascade, the powerful Chattooga has carved deep swirl-holes in the rock (pictured below). Over thousands of years, small pebbles and grains of sand were swirled around by the water to create these holes. Several hiking trails are in the area, including a new loop trail that follows the river upstream. Plus, this is a popular spot for fly fishing. 

Drift Falls
Cashiers NC

This waterfall is somewhere around 80 feet long. It doesn't drop straight down like a traditional waterfall, but instead slides at close to a 45-degree grade. This waterfall can be used as a water-slide by the brave and hard-headed.
From Cashiers follow US-64 10 miles east to Sapphire. Turn right on the 'Whitewater' Road and then south about 3 miles to the Horsepasture River. 

Bearwallow Falls
Located in Transylvania County and joins the North Carolina/South Carolina state line in the Gorges State Park.

The 1.5-mile round-trip Bearwallow Falls Trail. The hike is a moderate one that terminates at a large viewing platform that overlooks Bearwallow Creek.