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 The Vordach - North Carolina 
​Zip Line Experience!

1. Flight times 10AM and 1PM  (Closed Sunday and Monday)

NOTE: Bring a Group and set your own day and time! Call 828-743-2251 for Group Info and Discounts!

2. Each session can accommodate 12 guests (6 guests minimum)

3. Plan on a 3 hour Vordach Experience total tour high in the trees!     (Total time includes ground training and Vordach Zip Line Tour)

4. Call 828-743-7663 for more information.

5. Rates: Public: $37.50  - Amenity Card Holder: $27.50

Group Rates Available!  Call Group Sales at 828-743-2251

6. Ask about the Green Course (Easy) Ages 8 and up - (Lower stations - a great introduction),  Blue Course - the full Vordach - all stations!, Black Diamond: The full Vordach including a rappel down from a mid-course station! (The rappel station may not be available during all Vordach flights.)

7. Weight Limit: 250lbs.

8. Age Limits: 8 up to 11 can tour the Green Course

9. Ages 12 and up tour the Blue Course - the full Vordach! An optional Black Course includes a rappel at the mid-station!

The Vordach

North Carolina Zip Line Experience 

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PRESS RELEASE June 2014 - Original Release! Now more than 14 stations!

North Carolina: Sapphire Valley Resort’s continuing effort to enhance the vacation experience of our owners, guests, and general public visitors has resulted in the addition of a world class ‘zip line canopy’ course.

Set to open Labor Day Weekend 2014, the course builds on the rich history of Ski Sapphire Valley over which it is built!

When the ski area was built 50 years ago, Austrian ski instructors were on site to teach and entertain skiers. “The Vordach”, Austrian/German for ‘The Canopy’, seemed a natural fit for this new amenity.

To continue with the ski area theme, the level of difficulty, or better stated, the level of thrill the zip runs provide are color coded Green, Blue and Black Diamond!

Our 10-element zip canopy tour is created with a balance of entertainment and education in mind:

Beginning near the top of the quad-chair lift, the initial zip line traverses the upper section of the old expert slope to a low platform. From here, the run crosses the ski slope and the very top of the Frozen Falls Tube Park to a platform landing near a rocky outcrop. This training run allows participants to get a feel for the equipment on a low-exposure practice run.

Station 2 provides a low-exposure option back across the top of Frozen Falls Tube Park to a ground element and exit.  This unique setting allows those of you the opportunity to “opt out” at this point.

Walking across a beautiful wooded/rope bridge, the tour then traverses back and forth through the Laurel filled valley on a series of zip lines and bridge elements – each beginning and terminating with large decks that will comfortably accommodate client groups.

These series of zip lines provide big valley views and the opportunity to be immersed in the old-growth canopy. The final zip line appears to defy gravity by running uphill to the exit station and another thrill – a short rappel down to the final platform! (NOTE: The rappel may or may not be available, opting for a final uphill zip to ground!)

Contact Sapphire Valley Resort at 828-743-7663 for more information. Please use Facebook to tell us what  you think!