Tuesday, August 15 - The TAMS - THE TAMS have been entertaining and thrilling audiences for over 50 years! Known for such hits as "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy", "What Kind of Fool", "I've Been Hurt" and "Untie Me #12 on the R&B Charts", The Tams have had Several Gold Records, and 1 Platinum Single. "What Kind of Fool" hit #9 on the Billboard charts, and #6 on the R&B charts. "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me" hit #1 in the UK in 1971.

While "Be Young, Be Foolish" only hit #26 on the Top 40, the single sold over 1,000,000 copies, sending it to Platinum status. In 1986, "Ain't Nothin Like Shaggin' " hit #6 in UK Billboard charts, before being banned due to the UK's definition of "shag". Though their style of music has historically been referred to as Beach Music which they have had many Beach Music hits, it can be also classified as a mixture of Smooth Soul, and R&B.  Their show is fun, fresh and exciting and appeals to audiences of all ages and musical tastes.

Press Release: August 21, 2016
From: SapphireValley.com / The High South Media Network
Subject: Sapphire Valley Resort to experience the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun!

Sapphire Valley will experience a once in a lifetime event next August 2017 –

a total solar eclipse!

Sapphire Valley Resort is one of the few areas in North Carolina where visitors and residents can experience this extremely rare event* - a total solar eclipse! Sapphire Valley is in the direct path of totality, as it is known, and very close to the center line, or area of longest duration!

 On August 21, 2017, our Day of Totality will start just after 1PM when the moon will start blocking the sun and shadow cast by it will move over Sapphire Valley Resort! Everyone on the Resort will be able to experience this amazing event including over 2 minutes of complete darkness.

At the period of totality, the moon will move fully in front of the sun, casting a shadow across the Resort. The resort area will turn dark, the air will cool, and if planets and stars are in the sky they may be visible! Time tables predict totality with last 2 minutes and 18 seconds – an amazing amount of time to be in dark in the middle of the day!

Book mark this web link: DayofTotality.com and stay up to date on all the planning and events the Resort and the Cashiers area will be conducting. DayofTotality.com will take you directly to the Sapphire Valley Total Eclipse of the Sun web page where you will also find info including maps, an eclipse time table, and products to buy such as safety glasses – a must to view the eclipse safely!

Vacation Rentals are expected to fill up quickly once the general public is aware of this significant event so make your plans very soon!

Special Sapphire Valley Eye Protection, Maps and Posters

We have partnered with Great American Eclipse to bring you special Sapphire Valley Resort labeled  eye wear, maps and posters celebrating the Total Solar Eclipse in Sapphire  Valley, NC!

Be sure to sign up for our special newsletter and follow us on FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/SapphireValley/) to know when these products will be available!

Stay Tuned! Much More to Come!

North Carolina Vacations in the  Smoky Mountains at Sapphire Valley Resort

2017 Total  
​solar Eclipse 

at ​Sapphire Valley Resort, North Carolina

News! Sapphire Valley will have a great Arts and Crafts show on August 19 and 20, 2017!  [More Sapphire Valley Events News]

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